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Public Policy and Advocacy 


At CrossHCS we take social and restorative justice and human rights-based approach to policy development. Understanding the role that policies play in the perpetuation of inequities, and the variability in the interpretation of policy, we strive to provide anti-racist policy approaches that are clear in their intent of creating equity in health for all people. In this work, we focus on helping the organization to devise policy approaches and issue briefs that bring attention to disparities while providing commonsense and actionable policy language that can be implemented to create long-lasting change. 


Consistent with CrossHCS’ mission of building equity in health for all people, we approach research and systematic reviews from a human rights-based approach. Leveraging the United Nation’s Human Rights-Based approach which is a conceptual framework for the process of human development that is normatively based on international human rights standards and operationally directed to promoting and protecting human rights. It seeks to analyze inequalities that lie at the heart of development problems and redress discriminatory practices and unjust distributions of power that impede development progress. Our work in this area seeks to help organizations develop research-driven strategies to eradicate disparities and promote equity in health for all people.  

Healthcare Communication

Understanding how to speak the language of the healthcare industry is our sweet spot.  Because of our collective experience in managed care and health insurance, health care delivery systems and hospitals, pharmaceuticals and biopharma, policy and legislative affairs, and epidemiology and research, we take a systemwide approach to communication. One of the biggest challenges when engaging with diverse stakeholders is a commonality in language, at CrossHCS we use our experience to craft communication in the language that most resonates with healthcare audiences. 

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