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Nonprofit Strategy & Operations Support 

Strengthen Operations

Local nonprofits are the lifeblood of the community who often provide essential services and resources to our most vulnerable and marginalized communities. As pillars of the community, keeping nonprofits strong operationally is core to our philosophy of building a culture of change. To this end, CrossHCS works with local and national nonprofits to strengthen operations, through evaluation, assessments, and engagement. Our goal with this work is to enable nonprofits to continue to grow, thrive and most importantly, serve communities in need.  .

Grow Strategically 

The nonprofit space can be very competitive, understanding how to position the organization for continued growth is essential to remain relevant to constituents, funders, and donors. As the old adage says, ‘No margin, No mission’, creating programs, advocacy strategies, policy approaches, and social-media communication strategies are essential to remaining relevant in a competitive environment. At CrossHCS we work with local nonprofits to grow strategically through developing strategic plans, advocacy, and social media strategies, policy approaches, and coalition building to strengthen their networks and drive strategic growth.  



Inevitably, nonprofits must grow and expand to remain relevant to funders and stakeholders. Understanding what is needed in the communities served by local nonprofits can be a challenge, especially when those efforts are developed without the involvement of the people with the lived experiences, which may lead to racialization and stigmatization of the very communities they are trying to address. At CrossHCS we attempt to address this issue by working with local nonprofits to strengthen community ties and engage with community members to truly understand their needs. We then help nonprofits to design and expand services that are centered in community and result in community-level improvements and reductions in disparities in health.

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